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History, Mission and Values

Thanks for our start, NSN! Children at the Well received the Brimstone Award for Applied Storytelling from the National Storytelling Network in 2006. This award focuses on the transformational properties of storytelling and aims to increase understanding of the ways that storytelling can promote change in individuals and communities.

The award enabled the Interfaith Story Circle of the Tri-City Area to launch Children at the Well to involve youth in learning the art of storytelling to:

  • Deepen their knowledge and understanding of their own tradition and that of others
  • Participate in the local Interfaith Story Circle meetings and its community events
  • Promote peace and understanding among all peoples 

In 2014, the Interfaith Story Circle broadened its mission to:
Promoting understanding, respect and friendship among people of diverse cultures, ethical traditions and religions by facilitating the sharing of stories.

C@W and the IFSC believe in the moral, spiritual and healing power of story to create a more vibrant, interconnected and peaceful world. The heart-to-heart process of storytelling and story listening fosters an appreciation for the commonality of the human experience and builds community.

Hooray! 2015 is Children at the Well’s TENTH year of bringing young people together through the art of storytelling, and of enabling those young people to strengthen their empathy and find their voice so that they can take their place as artistic, inclusive and effective leaders in this globally interdependent world.


Staff of Children at the Well

  • Paula Weiss, Director and Co-founder
  • Nancy Marie Payne, Micki Groper and Ben Russell, Storycoaches
  • Danielle Charlestin and Allison Lerman-Gluck, Assistant Storycoaches
  • Mary Murphy, and Marni Gillard, Storycoaches Emeritus
  • Gert Johnson, Co-founder and past Director
  • Kate Dudding, Web Site and Technical Support


Listeners at the performance
Collage of photos from 2006 and 2007
Almost everyone, plus three dancers from Bindaya's