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Image of the cover of the book Our Stories Connect: Appendix Files

You can download the forms, letters, and lists from the appendix and adapt them to suit the needs of your storytelling group.

Sample Student Nomination Slip 114

Sample Application Letter 115

Sample Permission Form 116

Sample Info Alert 117

Sample Contacts Form 118

Guidelines for Choosing Stories to Share with Interfaith Audiences 119

Storytelling Prompts 120

Story Choice Form 121

All Purpose C@W Event Checklist 122

Check Request Form for Reimbursement 126

Events Form 127

Instructions for Leaders at Potlucks 128

Human Treasure Hunt 129

Prompts for Story-Sharing at Potlucks 133

“Just Wanted You To Know …” Form 134

“Here in Our Circle” Song 135

Completer Statements 136

C@W Project Survey 137

Sample Travel Permission Form 138

Sample Travel Permission Form, Medical Information 139

Sample Performance Program 140