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Image of the cover of the book Our Stories Connect

Do you want to make a positive impact on your community? Do you want to work with young people to empower them to change the future, through storytelling?


This book is for you. Use it and be part of the solution!


Here’s what people are saying about Our Stories Connect:


Our Stories Connect is a complete ‘soup to nuts’ guide for anyone interested in working with youth and story. You’ll learn how to unleash young people’s talents and self-confidence as you support them in creating a more peaceful world. I can’t imagine more important and moving work!”

-Sue O’Halloran

Storyteller and Producer of interfaith and racial justice performances, seminars, webinars and video stories. www.SusanOHalloran.com, www.RacebridgesStudio.com


“This book is deliciously detailed. The emphasis on encouraging participation of persons representing a diversity of racial, economic, religious, generational and national origins is undergirded by experience, adjustment and careful evaluation. The activities are appropriate for participants of many ages. I look forward to inviting my college undergrads to create and share stories as a mode of engaged learning.”

-Dr. Kim Harris, PhD

Visiting Professor, Department of Theological Studies, Loyola Marymount University;

Workshop Presenter, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts/Changing Education through the Arts; Featured Teller, National Storytelling Festival


“I could hardly be more excited about this book! It is packed full of inspiration, good stories, experienced-based wisdom, and concrete guidance for anyone who wishes to pursue similar work in their own community. We can all be grateful for this beautiful addition to resources for youth storytelling programs that bridge diversity of all kinds.”

-Pam Faro

Storyteller and Presenter of interfaith storytelling workshops, including her program/CD Andalusian Trilogy: Stories of Jews, Christians, and Muslims of Medieval Spain


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A Huge Thank You!

 To all our donors from the “One Path to World Peace” Kickstarter campaign!

Because of you Our Stories Connect, the Children at the Well Guidebook, will be available very soon!


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