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Stepping Toward the Lion

John Lyden wants to convey the power of youth interfaith storytelling with his film "Stepping Toward the Lion."

John Lyden, a 20 year old filmmaker, was one of our C@W participants. He is now at the College of St. Rose in Albany, studying film. John worked tirelessly to make this film, with vision and a passion to portray the community-building and healing force that is C@W. A number of John's fellow C@W interns assisted in various ways, as have staff members.

John calls the film "Stepping Toward the Lion; Finding My Story", which refers to the journey made, and the story told, by another of our former storytellers, Alaudeen Umar. Here's the trailer for this film:

Photo of Alaudeen and Ritam

This film won the Best Student Film award at the 2014 Peace on Earth Film Festival
in Chicago, March 2014.
Logo for Winner Best Student Film Peace on Earth Film Festival


Click here for an interview with John after he received this award.

Photo of John Lyden accepting Best Student Film Peace on Earth Film Festival


John Lyden and Marni Gillard were recently on TV discussing this film and its upcoming showing in the GE Theatre at Proctors in Schenectady on Sunday, April 6.

photo of flyer for Apr 6 2014 event

To finish this film, a Kickstarter project was created in December 2012. 140 people generously contributed a total of $8,542. John Lyden and Children at the Well would like to publically acknowledge the support of the following:

Abigail De La Paz
Adam Hoffman
Alan Tabor
Ann Shapiro
Audrey Seidman
Aviva Rossman
Barbara Dworkin
Barbara Palumbo
Beatrice Rohrmeier
Bethany Thompson
Bonnie Beard
Caffe Lena
Caroline Leising
Carolyn Sanford
CeCe H
Christine Fowler
Cindy Rivka Marshall
  Daniel Ornstein
Dennis Wong
Diane Marcil
Elizabeth Cassidy
Ellen Ratmeyer
Eric Bryant
Erica Werfel
Eshu Bumpus
Gail Rosen
Gauri Mehta
Gregg Millett
Hope Lewis
Irene Nardelli
Islah Umar
Jane Ainslie
Janice M. Fontanella
Janie Schwab
  Jennifer Goodall
Jo Radner
Joan Horgan
Joanne Piazzi
Joanne Schnee
Joe Doolittle
Judith Black
Karen Chace
Karin Hensley
Kate Dudding
Kate Hannon
Kathleen K. Duff
Kathleen Mason
Ken Scarpa
Kevin Cordi
Lauretta Phillips
Laurie Andrews-Lester
  Leo S. Levy
Linda Conte
Linda Russell
Lisa Escobar Jones
Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi
Lynn Ruehlmann
Madelyn S. Collins
Marcia Dudden
Margaret French
Margaret Mitchell
Marguerite A. Gillard
Marilyn McPhie
Marilyn Michaels
Mario Rups
Mark K. Dudding
Mark Kadas
Mary and Leo Wong
  Mary Grace Ketner
Mary O'Keeffe
Melissa MacKinnon
Michael J. Camoin
Mike D'Attilio
Miranda Rand
Muriel W. Horowitz
Nancy M. Payne
Nathaniel Rounds
Olivia Wong
Patrick Kildoyle
Paul Rosenberg
Pete and Dorothy Gray
Peter Ashley
Preeti Bavdekar
Priscilla Fairbank
Robert Weber
  Rowyn Golde
Ryan Bouck
Sandor Schuman
Sharon Carter
Sharon Wood
Sheri Bauer-Mayorga
Siri Allison
Suman Srivastava
Susan Rounds
Susan Spivack
Tina Johnston
Vaidehi Agashe
Vernon Cox
Vicki S. Kelsey
Will Wheeler
William Rainbolt
Zachary Pearson